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  • President's Message - April 2020

  • Thank you to everyone that has participated in our recent online Town Halls, Webinars and Networking events. Thank you to the businesses and organizations that are working in our community to keep us all safe, fed and healthy. I also want to thank those Members that have paid their dues and continued to sponsor various events and programs. 

    Now, more than ever, we are here for you by working with municipal, provincial and federal governments to help our business community survive and thrive through the pandemic.

    Several members of our Board and our CEO have joined the Township in working towards a recovery and reopen plan. Our CEO is working at both the provincial and federal levels to help more businesses access the announced programs and working with our network to lobby for changes to programs that have not succeeded in assisting businesses as intended. 

    We have a dedicated page of information up on our website that has direct links to programs, 'how to' white pages, and various other information that can assist you.

    Join us from the comfort of your own home on May 19th for our first Virtual Dinner Meeting with Jeremy Stone, Director of the Community Economic Development program at Simon Fraser University. His presentation will focus on strategies for maintaining business and economic health during economic downturns, natural disaster, and disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic. Details for this and all of our upcoming events are on our website at www.langleychamber.com. Also, if you missed a Town Hall or other event, you can now find a list of recordings on our website.

    We are here for you. If our team can assist you or your business, please reach out.