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Chambers Plan - Group Insurance

Over 40 years ago, chambers of commerce created the Chambers Group Insurance Plan to support local businesses and business owners, and decades later more than 30,000 small businesses choose the Chambers Plan to protect their employees with comprehensive group benefits, including health and dental insurance -- making it Canada’s #1 employee benefits plan for small business!

Hundreds of Langley businesses choose the Chambers Plan because it offers unsurpassed value and customer service, and is:

Simple: Quick set up, easy-to-use forms, and 48-claim processing mean you'll spend less time administering your plan.

Stable: The Plan keeps premiums manageable and predictable, providing stability year after year and protection from wild rate increases.

Smart:   In today's competitive labour market, offer your employees and yourself attractive coverage, with a Plan that is a not-for-profit program—all surpluses stay in the Plan and help lower premiums for your business.


Click the above button for a quote on the Chambers Plan for your business, or contact the Langely Chamber directly with questions or for more information on how the Chambers Plan works for Langley business.