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Kubera Payments

Better Payment Processing for Your Business.

Every day Kubera helps our clients move millions of dollars in-store, online and on mobile phones for companies across North America.

How it works - We do a one-hour consultation with your technology and accounting team creating an inventory of your payment system requirements and your merchant account fees. We will show you how to be PCI compliant and accept EMV, Chip and ApplePay transactions.

Security and PCI compliance - Their team of Certified Information Systems Auditors experts can usually redesign your payment workflows to minimize your risk and PCI compliance work, migrating the expense, complexity and liability onto your payment processor instead of your business. PCI compliance doesn’t need to be expensive, time-consuming or painful!

Automation & electronic invoicing - Tired of running monthly charges and invoices by hand? They are experts at making your xyz system talk to the credit card systems. Reduce your A/R time and burden through receivables automation.

Find out more about what Kuber can offer you as a member by contacting us today!