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Event Guide


Events come in all shapes and sizes. Corporate meetings, fundraisers, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas parties, conventions, grand openings … the list is endless!

This page is designed to help take a little bit of the stress of organizing an event in Langley off your shoulders. Please use it as a guide and feel free to contact the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce anytime if you have questions - that’s what we’re here for! You can reach our staff at 604-371-3770.

Find a quick checklist for getting started on organizing your event HERE!

Please note this resource contains the information for current GLCC Members only. If you'd like to be included in this list and aren't a Member, click HERE to sign up.

Important Questions

  • Will I need Serving It Right? Click Here
  • Will I need Food Safe? Click Here
  • Will I need a BC Gaming License?
    • Click Here if you plan on holding any form of 50/50 draw, raffle draw, bingo etc. Please note, alcohol CANNOT be awarded as a prize. SEE HERE
  • Will I need event insurance?
    • If yes, please Click Here to see a list of Chamber Insurance Brokers who may be able to serve your needs.

Who should be invited?

When working on your guest list for your event, consider a few things:

  • Who are you targeting with your invitation?
  • Are you making your invitation interesting enough to make guests want to attend?
  • Are you including all relevant information – who, what, where, when, why?
  • Are you providing enough notice?
  • Will you be inviting special guests to attend (MP, MLA, Mayor etc.)?
  • Is your event one that you should promote in local papers?

There are several local Business Associations that you may consider inviting to attend your event. The contact name changes for many of these organizations on a yearly basis so please call the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce Office to confirm who you should be inviting.

Downtown Langley Business Association
201 - 20559 Fraser Highway, Langley

Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce
207 – 8047 199 Street, Langley

The Chamber of Commerce is also pleased to attend events of this nature if possible, please contact our office at 604-371-3770 or email and we will pass on the information to our Board of Directors.

Remember that these people are very busy and often require a considerable amount of advance notice to attend social events of this nature.

To help you, we have drafted a SAMPLE LETTER of invitation to refer to when sending out invitations.

Spreading the Word

The success of your event will depend on a great deal of things. The most important thing will be publicity.

In Langley, we are fortunate to have three very community minded newspapers that, given enough lead-time, are very interested in supporting local business. Contact their offices to set up a meeting with someone from their staff who can give you an idea of advertising schedules and costs. A bit of money spent will help ensure that news of your event reaches as many people as possible.

Aldergrove Star  |  Sarah Grochowski, Editor

Langley Advance Times  |  Roxanne Hooper, Editor

Vancouver Sun and Province  |  Harold Munro, Editor-in-Chief

Aside from advertising, you should also prepare a brief PRESS RELEASE to announce your celebration. The key word here is BRIEF. Remember that the Editors you will be directing this information to receive several press releases a day. Yours should be to the point, clear and somehow catchy to make it stand out from the rest.

Take a minute to think about other possible outlets to promote your event. Do you cater to a specific age group? How else would you get information to these people? Do you cater to specific ethnic groups? Research other media sources perhaps located in different communities. Perhaps you cater to a specific interest group? Once again, a little time and researching on your part will no doubt result in additional outlets for your announcements.

If you belong to the Chamber of Commerce, remember to give your information to our staff so if there is an opportunity to promote your event through one of our many sources, we can help you. We might also have contacts for organizations and media outlets that you may be looking for.