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  • Profit from E-commerce - How to Compete in the Online Marketplace

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    E-commerce offers new business opportunities for all companies, especially in today’s changed reality. How can entrepreneurs rethink their business model to make a digital shift that generates profit?
    BDC surveyed more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and examined market data to understand the current state of e-commerce. Discover what strategies Canadian entrepreneurs can use to capitalize on new business opportunities in the online marketplace.


    Find out:
    • Which sectors have seen the fastest growth in online sales
    • Why e-commerce builds business resiliency
    • Solutions to the most common challenges in e-commerce, including how to avoid shipping delays
    • A five-step roadmap to get you started 
    Plus learn how one Vancouver clothing company closed it's locations during shutdown, only to see its busiest month ever.

    Read out free report to get all the details.

    The BDC Team.
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