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New Business Coalition Forms to Deliver a Bold Economic Vision for the Future of the Fraser Valley

March 6, 2024 – Today, four Chambers of Commerce representing thousands of private sector members from across the Fraser Valley have united as the Fraser Valley Business Coalition. The Coalition emerges as a unified voice addressing critical issues facing the business community across the Fraser Valley region.  The Coalition is a joint effort the Greater Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Mission chambers of commerce, and will see these business associations unite to highlight and advocate for key issues important to the future success of the Fraser Valley region.

The collective strength and expertise of these four influential business organizations will drive a non-partisan mission of elevating the economic issues impacting the region and its businesses. Today’s official launch will be followed by a collaborative campaign, leading up to the first ever Fraser Valley Economic Summit, on April 16th at the University of the Fraser Valley.  The summit will be a gathering of the region’s business leaders and key voices to discuss the future needs of the Fraser Valley, showcase local innovators and current projects, and announce a list of action items on behalf of the Coalition for British Columbia’s next  Provincial Government to seize today’s economic opportunity.

“Our economy, businesses and communities across the Fraser Valley are growing — the region’s economic success is key for all of British Columbia.  We are calling on the provincial government to make key investments in trade-enabling infrastructure, our future skilled workforce, and decisive policy change to unlock the economic potential of the region,” said Alex Mitchell, CEO of the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s clear: the Fraser Valley is the future.  This is where the economic activity and population growth will be going forward, and as such our region deserves the investment and support it needs to be successful.  The Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce is pleased to be part of this coalition to ensure the voice of the Fraser Valley is heard and our region isn’t kept waiting for the critical transportation, housing and healthcare infrastructure our people and businesses need,”  says Cory Redekop, CEO of the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce.

Key Focus Areas of the Coalition: 

Investing in Critical Infrastructure: Understanding the pivotal role that infrastructure plays in economic growth, the coalition will advocate for solutions that enhance the region's critical infrastructure, calling for the reinforcement and protection of the corridor (Highway 1) that connects the goods and people of British Columbia to the rest of Canada and the US.

Enabling Economic Development: The coalition will push for hospitable hosting conditions for business to complete major projects, and look at land use in the context of the Industrial land shortage in Metro Vancouver to promote sustainable economic development in the Fraser Valley.

Removing Barriers to More Attainable Housing: Recognizing the challenges posed by housing shortages and affordability concerns, the coalition will work collaboratively to propose strategies that address the housing needs of the workforce and support the unprecedented growth the region is currently experiencing.

Giving the Fraser Valley its Fair Share in Health Care and Education: The coalition is committed to the improvement of health care services and education opportunities to support the growing workforce.

Promoting Innovation in Agriculture/Agri-tech: As one of the most productive agricultural regions in Canada, the coalition will advocate for policies and initiatives that support the growth and innovation within this sector.

Finding solutions to Crime and Vandalism: Businesses continue to experience higher operating costs when responding to crime and vandalism, and need relief from the costs associated with property crime.

“The Fraser Valley Business Coalition symbolizes a collective vision for growth, innovation, and sustainability within our region. By uniting with our neighbouring Chambers, The Chilliwack Chamber aims to leverage shared goals and resources to tackle the critical challenges that face our businesses and residents alike. The coalition's focus on strategic investments in infrastructure, healthcare, education, and crime reduction directly aligns with our interests. We believe that by working together, we can amplify our voices, foster economic development, and enhance the quality of life across the Fraser Valley; Leanna Kemp, Executive Director, Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce.

Formation of the Fraser Valley Business Coalition marks a significant step toward addressing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for businesses and people in the region.

“This Coalition represents a pivotal moment for the Fraser Valley, one that the Mission Chamber is proud and grateful to be a part of. We look forward to uniting the diverse voices of our local businesses to speak with one strong voice on issues that matter”, said Miriam Bozman, Executive Director of the Mission Regional Chamber.  “We’re not just creating a coalition, we are laying the groundwork for a more vibrant and resilient local economy by addressing the unique challenges that face our region with an amplified voice together.”

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