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2022 GLCC Committees


Policy Development Committee (Policy/Ec Dev/Government Relations)

Purpose: To represent the interests of our membership to all governments through the development of official positions and or policies.

Terms of Reference


Organizational Sustainability Committee (Finance/Executive)

Purpose: To identify, assess and provide proposals to the Board for addressing threats to the longer-term sustainability in membership, financial and other aspects, including threats from changing, demographics, business climate and competing interests.

Terms of Reference


Governance Committee

Purpose: To ensure the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce's internal policies remain current and relevant and to review the annual performance of the CEO.

Terms of Reference


Board Development Committee (Nominations)

Purpose: To ensure the long-term sustainability of the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce by recruiting qualified Board Members in an open and transparent manner.

Terms of Reference


Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Purpose:  To ensure that equity and diversity activities are closely aligned with the Chamber’s strategic priorities and responsive to the diverse needs and capabilities of our members.

Terms of Reference


Council of Past Presidents

Purpose: To advise the current board regarding major financial issues and historical content

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