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Advocacy Updates

The advocacy efforts of the Chamber are driven by a group of dedicated board members, committee members, staff and volunteers. The Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest chambers in British Columbia and is an active member of both the BC Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Below you will find links to the policies that the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce wrote or supported over the past few years. We have also included direct link to the current BC Chamber Policy Resolutions 2018 and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Policy Resolutions.

Advocacy Updates - As of June 2019

The Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce policy-building process is key to our success as "The Voice of Business in Langley.

Our 1,000+ members have the opportunity to participate on our committees and thorough our committees, in the policy process.  Why should you participate or engage in the policy process? Policy is exciting, and anyone who has been through the process of drafting, debating, editing, debating, defending, perhaps debating one more time and then finally passing a policy understands.

We have been very busy with our policy work over the past few months, specifically at the provincial level, authoring or supporting 11 successful policies are the BC Chamber AGM in Kamloops. (See links below)

The Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce’s policy building process, coupled with our advocacy efforts, has provided us with an outstanding track record of policy results.

This is not work we do alone, we engage members, other business associations, government, other local Chambers of Commerce and we utilize our memberships with both the BC Chamber and the Canadian Chamber, to ensure that our policies have an impact on the Greater Langley Business Community.

If you have any questions regarding these policies or any of our other advocacy work please contact Colleen Clark, Executive Director at 604-371-3770 or