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  • HD Stafford Good Citizen of the Year Award

  • Since 1980 the Chamber of Commerce has been pleased to recognize the H.D. Stafford Good Citizen of the Year.  This award honors the memory of Harold Stafford whose name defines good citizenship in our community, and recognizes individuals who contribute time, resources and knowledge to make a difference in the community and affect change for the greater good.

    Harold Stafford epitomized what a good citizen should be.  Whatever project or cause he became involved in, you could be sure he would not let it go until he had seen it through to a successful and meaningful completion.  Mr. Stafford also was instrumental at bringing business, citizens and educators together to tackle tough issues and ensure the future would hold good opportunities for our youth.

    Over the years the Chamber has recognized and honored many outstanding citizens all our honorees are listed below.

  • 1980  Norma Bishop
    1981  Al Angrignon
    1982  Len Nicholas
    1983  Robert Thompson
    1984  Jock McKinnon
    1985  Betty Cox
    1986  Rosette McDonald
    1987  Robena Rutherford
    1988  John Osenton
    1989  John Condor

  • 1990  Jim Clark
    1991  Hilda Reddick
    1992  Iris Mooney
    1993  Eric Bysouth
    1994  Sylvia Anderson
    1995  Audrey Wright
    1996  Linda Steier
    1997  Weir Muir
    1998  Norman Sherritt
    1999  Maureen Pepin

  • 2000  Joan Chesney
    2001  George Preston
    2002  Dale Ball
    2003  Jean Deck
    2004  Tim Lounsbury
    2005  Marlene Grinnell
    2006  Jim McGregor
    2007  Dick Hooper
    2008  David Esworthy
    2009  Casey Smith

  • 2010  John Pybus
    2011  Terry Metcalf
    2012  Susan Magnusson
    2013  Les Clay
    2014  Bev Dornan
    2015  Milt Kruger
    2016  Gordon Zacher
    2017  Michael Jackstien
    2018  Phil Jackman
    2019  Gus Hartl