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  • Pro-active Crime Prevention Strategies for Langley City Businesses

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    Langley City, BC – Crime Prevention is a community concern. Earlier this year, the Crime Prevention Task Group (CPTG) discussed Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), a multi-disciplinary approach that uses urban and architectural design strategies to reduce victimization, deter criminal acts, and minimize fear of crime, and build a sense of community.  From the CPTG discussion, the Langley RCMP, through its Community Liaison Officer, developed an eight-part video series on CPTED principles to share with Langley City businesses. The following video series covers the critical topics of CPTED, such as:

    Natural Access Control
    Natural Surveillance
    Territoriality and Defensible Space
    Target Hardening
    Maintenance and Management
    Online Reporting

    The purpose of these videos is to provide Langley City business owners with practical design ideas on how to reduce the likelihood of being victimized by the criminal element. The videos are on the City’s YouTube channel and other social media platforms for business owners to watch at their convenience.

     “Crime affects the entire community. Local businesses remain under significant pressure and strain. Providing practical ideas and strategies will help keep the community safe and assist businesses in protecting their investments and livelihoods,” said Cpl. Julie Bion, Supervisor of the Langley RCMP Community Liaison Unit.

    “Each topic will give business owners and their teams an overview of how we can all work together towards decreasing criminality and ensuring all the users of each space feel increasingly safe,” said Crime Prevention Task Group Chair, Councillor Nathan Pachal. “We would like to thank the Downtown Langley Business Association (DLBA) and the Langley Chamber of Commerce as they have continued to support the City’s Crime Prevention initiatives and have played an integral part in bringing this to fruition.  The City also appreciates all the partnerships that we have with the Langley RCMP and other agencies in assisting with these projects.”

    For more information, please contact Langley RCMP, Cpl. Julie Bion; Supervisor of the Community Liaison Unit, at 604.532.3200.

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