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  • #LangleyFresh

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    Langley is the root of so many things that we all love. It’s where the produce comes from that transforms into some of our favourite meals. It’s where the freshest local meat is raised and amazing local beer and wine is created. It’s where people come to adventure outside, to feel at home on the inside.

    #LangleyFresh is about more than the things that it produces. It’s about connecting to what really matters, and the feeling that’s created when we take a moment to slow down and experience the things that we love in their purest form.

    We're here to share the story of the place that we know and love - for the next 6 weeks we're going to shine a light on the amazing people and places that are re-opening and welcoming our Province back. We'll be offering old favourites and new flavours, and we know that some of the best things that Langley has to offer lie just beneath the surface, so we need your help. Let us, and every else know about the untold stories of Langley - use #LangleyFresh to highlight sights to see and bites to taste, we can't wait to see what you have to share!

    Learn more at Tourism Langley.
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