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  • Document Certification - Another Benefit of Membership

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    The Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce has many benefits of Membership but did you know that our staff have the proper training and expertise to take care of your certification needs? 

    Certificates of Origin are shipping documents detailing information on the type of goods being exported, their destination, and most importantly, their countries or country of origin.

    The burden of determining whether a Certificate of Origin is necessary is the exporter’s responsibility. Every country has different rules and regulations and it is up to the exporter to know what those are. Once determined, the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce can certify that the information provided by the exporter on the Certificate of Origin is correct according the accompanying documentation, such as invoice or shipping affidavit.

    Validation is a key service provided by the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce. In 2019 we certified over 3,000 documents, shipping to over 50+ countries.

    If you are a Member, Certificates of Origin are a Member benefit!

    For further details, please contact our office at info@langleychamber.com or visit our at www.langleychamber.com/certificates-of-origin.

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